2000 Chevy Impala Autotain Headrest DVD Customer Testimonial

Autotain Car Headrest DVD Customer Testimonial – 2000 Chevy Impala

Item ordered: Autotain 9″ Digital Touch Screen Headrest DVD palyer Monitors

Vehicle make/model: Chevy Impala
Vehicle year:  2000
Vehicle color: Grey
Post distance center to center:  N/A
Post size used (10mm, 12mm or 14mm):  10 mm
First name and city/state:  Chad- Akron, Ohio

Additional comments: I placed an order on ebay for the Grey 9” Autotain touch screen head rests for my 2000 Chevy Impala. I had 1 broken remote but Brandon quickly sent me a replacement. Thanks Brandon! I chose to install using the fuse panel method so installation took a little while. Planing out how to hide the wires in the chair, under the chair, through the carpet and trim of the car panels were the most time consuming. But once finished the final touches were made it was well worth it! This was my first time doing anything like this and the installation was clean and there is no evidence of the install. It took me longer than the 2 hours I’ve seen others report. It took me 6-7 hours from start to finish. One picture shows were I ended up bundling everything up under the passenger seat with zip ties and blue wire nuts. I used wire nuts to tie together the 2 red wires from the headset fuse box and 1 18 awg red wire that I ran to the fuse panel. This wire then plugged into the “Add a circuit” for a mini fuse as seen in one of the pictures. I also used wire nuts to tie together the 2 black wires from the headrest fuse block and one 18 awg black wire that I crimped on a terminal ring to the other end and landed it under the bolt that attaches the chair to the floor giving the system a good metal to metal ground. My boys face lit up when he sat in his seat and he was able to watch one of his favorite movies “Finding Nemo”. He just stared at it and smiled the whole way home from the baby sitters! He didn’t even want to get out of the car when we got home, he just kept pointing at the screen saying Nemo Nemo :) The headrests look great and we now look forward to going on our next big trip instead of dreading it!