2010 Chevy Suburban Headrest DVD Player Install

Item ordered: 9″ Active Headrest Touch Screen DVD Players

Vehicle make/model: Chevrolet Suburban 1500 LT
Vehicle year: 2010
Vehicle color: Dark Labyrinth Metallic
Post distance center to center:
Post size used (10mm, 12mm or 14mm) post mounted headrest bracket
First name and city/state: DougĀ  Toms River, New Jersey

Additional comments:
The entire experience was great from the ordering process to tracking the delivery with email updates. Very impressed with the quality of the products and ease of installation. My Kids love the games these players came with which eliminates the need to take the PS3 along for the ride. Just sold my 2004 Suburban which had factory DVD ceiling mounted and bought 2010 Suburban without any system in it. My Wife and Kids let me get it on one condition and that was to get entertainment system hooked up. Thankyou Onfair ! In less than 2 weeks from purchase of new vehicle I had 2 active headrest 9″ tablet DVD players with digital touch screens installed in my new Suburban by myself. The Kids love the fact they can take the players out and use them anywhere. The wireless headphones are awesome as well.