Autotain Headrest Testimonial in 2010 Chrysler Town and Country Touring

Item ordered: Autotain 9″ Headrest DVD Players

Vehicle make/model: Chrysler Town & Country Touring
Vehicle year: 2010
Vehicle interior color: Gray
Post distance center to center: 5-7/8″
Post size used (10mm, 12mm or 14mm): 12mm
First name and city/state: Giovanny Lodi, New Jersey

Complete installation time was 2 hours but thats only because I’m a neat person and wanted to make sure that ALL the cables were completed hidden. From the time i started to the time the headrest where on and working it was 45 minutes. I chose to use the cigarette lighter method for power since the fuse box for my van is under the hood. I ordered a cigarette lighter adapter with an extension on it to have only one wire visible at all times. I have used both the DVD and am currently using a Sandisk 32GB SD Class 10 Memory Card. Card has 16-20GB of movies and TV Shows my kids like, although the instruction manual says the MP4 are readable I was having difficulty to get the headrest to read and play them. No big deal I sent an email inquiring about the best format to use and was quickly replied and told to use AVI. Did all the converting and since then my wife and kids have been in heaven. They get to watch what they want and we don’t have to hear constant fighting over what they want to watch.

– Giovanny Lodi, New York