Android Car Headrest Monitors

One of the biggest trends for car headrest DVD players in 2014 is the addition of the Android operating system.  This originally started with clamp-on style headrests primarily used for vehicles with Active Headrest Technology and evolving to be included with headrest pillow style packages.

There are many cool features that adding Android to your car headrest DVD players offers.

The WIFI connectivity offers many options and access to digital media and entertainment not available on traditional DVD players.

You can download APPS and games from the Google Play network for starters then play them while driving to grandma’s house or your next family vacation.

You can watch streaming videos and movies such as Netflix, VUDU and more.  An important note is that you’ll require a WIFI connection while streaming videos which is sometimes hard to find while traveling down the interstate.  However one down and dirty solution is to use your smart phone as a WIFI hotspot.  Many smart phones offer this feature as an added service where you can use the 3G or 4G cell phone connection then turn your phone into a WIFI router that the Android enabled headrests can then connect to.  One thing you will need to do is ask your cell phone service provider if this is an option for your plan and your phone.

One thing I like about having Android enabled headrests is the ability for my kids to do their school homework while we’re driving in the car.  Most schools are connected with Google Documents these days where all their information is stored on the cloud.  This allows kids the ability to open their Google Documents and work on homework when possible.

I also like the ability to download educational apps for the kids to learn.  If your kid is learning how to read, why not download apps to help kids enjoy reading.  If your kid is learning math, find a fun app that helps them with math basics.

Adding Android to your backseat entertainment is guaranteed to multiply your options of fun and education making the drive time go by faster than ever.  Be sure to checkout OnFair’s latest Android based Headrest DVD players.

Happy Drives!