Are Lightinthebox Headrest DVD Players a Good Buy

If you’re shopping for car headrest DVD monitors you’ve probably noticed there are many online sellers offering what appear to be the same headrest package but why such a different price?

They may look the same on the outside, but they are NOT the same on the inside! 

Light in the box is a China based mass-retailer (Stock: LITB) selling 1,000’s of items across many product categories.  Their business model is to sell a ton of volume for deep discount pricing to keep the competition away.  However whenever a business focuses on low price and volume, they sacrifice on quality.  It’s a fact of nature.

Many China companies decided to enter the car headrest market after watching OnFair grow to a large size being successful at selling quality headrests with a focus on the customer not focused on volume.  Lightinthebox entered the headrest markets about 2-3 years ago as just an additional item to sell with the 1,000’s of other items they already sell.  OnFair has been laser focused on car headrest DVD players for over 8 years.  The knowledge of the product, the pre and post transaction support is day and night.

We have watched many China sellers like Lightinthebox enter the headrest market and kill the market space with a low quality low price strategy.  They tend to offer the bottom of the barrel for quality and features.

Warning signs when buying car headrest DVD players from China:

1) You will find many headrest packages with only 1 DVD player and 2 monitors. This is the oldest trick in the book for car headrest monitors as people who don’t read the fine print, think they’re buying 2 DVD players.

2) Older software inside.  We’ve seen packages that are offered that have old software code inside.  This old software may not be able to play newer “Region Enhanced” DVD’s.

3) Plastic post sleeves instead of metal posts.

4) Only 1 remote control instead of 2.  If you have 2 kids, you will want 2 remote controls.

5) Used screens.  We’ve been told  by many China factories we can save money if we buy their “used screen” monitors.  Of course, we’ve always refused to do this.

6) No headphones.  Many China sellers will show images of their product with headphones as they are compatible but charge you more to get wireless headphones after you already purchase the package thinking you just FOUND the best deal.

7) Customs hold risk.  This is the risk you take when ordering a package that ships from overseas.  There’s always the possibility that the Customs department will hold your item for inspection. They like to do this on a random basis and you might just be the lucky winner.   A Custom’s hold can take days even weeks before the item is released.

8) Customs fee risk.  This is the risk you might receive a surprise bill from Customs as a tax for importing the item you just purchased on the cheap.  See many sellers will circumvent this by under-reporting the true value of the transaction, sometimes this works sometimes it doesn’t.

9) THE BIGGEST RISK OF THEM ALL IS WARRANTY RISK!  This is like the “Ace in the hole” for China sellers where they know it is very expensive to return ship an item back to Hong Kong or China so the buyer will NOT return ship the item even though they wish they could.  This is why many sellers offer “extended warranty” but keep the cost to return ship on the buyer.  How much do you think it costs to ship a car headrest DVD player back to Hong Kong or China?  Well it will cost you about $70 one way!

We hope you feel better educated on the real costs of buying cheap headrest DVD players.  It’s still your choice, but be sure to compare  the entire package during your shopping process.

Happy Driving!