Autotain Desire Active Headrest DVD install in Subaru Outback Customer Testimonial

Autotain DESIRE Car Active Headrest DVD Players Install in a Subaru Outback with Review – Step by Step

Item ordered: Autotain Desire 10 Inch DVD Player

Vehicle make/model: Subaru Outback
Vehicle year:  2005
Vehicle color: Tan
Post distance center to center:  5 3/8 inches
Post size used (10mm, 12mm or 14mm):  12mm
First name and city/state:  John – Powhatan, VA

Additional comments:

Below is a cut down version of the installation of the Autotain Desire for my vehicle. Use with installation guide from Onfair.

1: Depress the release for the head rest.

2: Pull from the top of the cover for the back seat. Then left the cover out:

3: Use a device to pull the wires through. (Coat hanger) Be careful to tape the end of the connectors so they don’t get damaged.

4. Do the same to the other seat.

5. Feed the wire through the inside corner of the one seat. You can remove the screw in the bottom corner and push the wire to that side for a clean look.

6. Pull the opposite AV wire into the opposing seat. Make all your connections inside this seat. Be sure to tape the AV connectors for security.

7. Pull the power wire out the inside corner as you did on the other side. At this point you should have two power wires together next to the center consul.

8. Open the FM modulator compartment and remove the rubber mat.

9. This exposes two screws. Remove both screws. This will allow you access to the wire harness underneath.

10. TWO OPTIONS are available at this point.

A. Remove the modulator switch by pulling up. Then feed the power wires through the same hole as the switches. At this point buy and connect them to a DC lighter adapter.

B. (What I did)

b1 Disconnect the back of the lighter while the consul is propped up.

b2 Untape the “Yellow” wire. This will expose a bare connection where two wires meet.

b3 Join the “red” power wire from the DVDs and retape.

b4 Attach the black wire to the mounting screws while reconnection the center consul

11. Replace the seat backs and head rest.

12 Install the mounting bracket per directions sent in box. (Of note. The “Desire” are too heavy for the brackets. Place tape just below to insure they stay put.) Also, these brackets allow the DVDs to sit too low. So position the brackets as high as possible.

13. Before installing shroud, spray paint to match you interior.

14. Connect DVDs and enjoy.