Car Headrest DVD Monitor Colors Tan, Grey and Black

Step 4 in determining the best car headrest DVD package for your vehicle is to determine the color match.  While there are many color variations on the market with the variety of vehicles available, most car headrest DVD monitors come in three standard colors.  The three colors are Tan (sometimes called beige) grey and black.  These three colors are designed to match or be a close match to the wide variety of colors in the vehicle.  Some vehicles have a two-tone color scheme which makes it much easier to have the headrest not be a perfect match but close enough to be acceptable.

We know that for some people a perfect color match is very important.  Therefore we note that at OnFair they allow you to request a color sample in advance by simply sending them an email to with the color choice you would like to receive and your physical address and they will mail you a material sample for your review.  This way you can compare the color of the headrests with the color of your car interior before buying the headrest package.

If you already know what color you wish to buy, following are links to search headrest DVD monitors by color:

Tan (beige) Headrest Monitors

Grey (gray) Headrest Monitors

Black Headrest Monitors

To view more information about headrest video color choices here’s a video:

Here’s to your quiet family drives this holiday season!