Car Headrest DVD Player Pillow Cloth or Leather?

Sometimes parents ask about the material used for the headrest pillow around the DVD player.  They like to know if they can get the headrest DVD player with a cloth material headrest.  While we’ve been selling headrest DVD monitors for many years and have visited or talked to many of the factories direct we have learned that cloth headrest pillows do not mix very well with built-in DVD players because the electronic components inside need a protective shell that is hard to get with a cloth headrest.

The material commonly used for car headrest DVD monitors is a synthetic leather type material.  With the advances in technology this material is very good quality and in some cases you can argue better material than real leather.  For most headrests the material has the texture to it as well this helps deal of the headrests in lot that matches for works well with your vehicle’s interior.

If your vehicle is equipped with cloth interior don’t worry.  Many families with cloth interior vehicles have purchased these headrests and have said they look great in their vehicles.  You may find some customer photos and testimonials by following this link.

Here is a video explaining more:

Remember Parents: you can educate your children and entertained them with headrest DVD monitors!