Car Headrest DVD Player Wireless FM Audio Transmit Feature

I remember as a young driver spending hours under the dash of my car tinkering with the car stereo running wires from the stereo to the amps and speakers and then having the challenge to stuff all those wires up and out of sight under the dash not to mention the sore neck from hanging upside down in an uncomfortable position.  Well, those days are gone with the advances in technology wireless is the way to go.

Many headrest monitor packages include a feature called wireless FM transmitter. This is a convenient technology where you can quickly hear the audio sound from your headrests over the vehicle speaker system with the push of a couple buttons.  That’s right, no wires required.  No hanging upside down to connect wires to the back of your vehicle stereo system and stuffing wires under the dash.

The way the technology works is you turn the FM signal on the headrest pressing the FM-TX button on the remote control and then you can dial the FM frequency on the radio to a location on the dial that is not being used by local radio stations and then dial your vehicle radio to the same frequency.  That’s it!  The headrests will send a short distant radio signal much like radio stations do that is received by your vehicle antenna and sent to the radio.

Make sure you test out different frequencies to find the best one in your area so there is no overlap with local radio stations mixing the sound and not providing you a clear sound. When shopping for car headrest DVD players be sure to check if the package you are interested in include this handy feature.

We noticed the latest and greatest monitor package from Autotain with the portable DVD player that doubles as headrest monitors includes this handy FM transmit feature.  We believe this is the first and at this time maybe the only portable DVD player that includes this feature.

Here’s a short video to explain more:

Happy Drives!