Low Price Cheap Car Headrest DVD Players

Are you on the hunt for car headrest DVD players?  Are you seeing a wide range of prices for what appear to be similar headrest models?  Don’t be fooled!  They are not the same on the inside.

We’ve been selling car headrest DVD players for over 8 years and have become the online authority so let us save you the heartache and show you some of the tricks the “Cheap” headrest DVD player sellers use to make you think you’re getting the best deal.

Not all headrests are made the same inside.  Some makers will use less expensive circuit boards and resistors on the main processing board to produce a slower response or less functions.  Some factories will reuse the video monitor from other devices so the screen is actually a used screen placed into a  brand new headrest pillow.  Used screens and cheaper mother boards are both ways to save a large amount on the production and therefore offer a lower price to the end consumer who is not aware of what they are actually buying.  If you see a low price, be careful not to fall for these traps.

Another thing we commonly see with the cheaper headrest DVD players is the use of “Old Software” that is not up to date with the latest models.  We find the older software models are commonly not able to play all DVD’s such as Region Enhanced DVD’s for example.  If you buy a cheap DVD player using old software this may be a problem for you.

The cheap headrest models also like to cut corners when it comes to accessories and installation components.  One major shortcut we see often is the use of plastic sleeves instead of metal posts for diameters greater than 10mm.  The only brand that offers Metal Posts for all sizes (10mm, 12mm, 12.7mm and 14mm) headrest posts is the Autotain VERSA metal posts that will screw into the headrest pillow for a solid fit rather than using plastic sleeves.

Another big shortcut you’ll find with the cheap headrests is the power cable not having a cigarette lighter power jack included.  Only Autotain and OnFair do their best to include cigarette lighter power cables with every Autotain model making it much more convenient for quick installation if you wish.  If it’s too late and you already purchased a cheap headrest package without cigarette plugs and you wish to buy some, check here for car headrest power cable with cigarette plug.

Another trick you’ll find with cheap headrest DVD players is offering a package with only 1 DVD player but 2 monitors.  If you look at the advertisement photo you’ll assume you are getting 2 DVD players but if you read the fine print you’ll see the package only includes 1 DVD player and 1 video monitor.  This alone can make for a major drop in the final price.  If you have 2 kids, trust me you want to have 2 DVD players!

Another trick used for the cheap headrest packages is the use of single channel headphones rather than double channel.  This causes a problem if you have 2 children and they wish to watch 2 different movies at the same time.  If you have single channel headphones, you can’t listen to 2 movies at the same time so be sure to get 2 channel headphones with your headrests and that your headrests offer dual channel IR signals as well.  Dual channel headphones are worthless if you have only single channel headrests.

Another major reason we like the Autotain headrests offered by OnFair is the fact they test every headrest before shipping it out.  This helps reduce the possibility of defects when they can be caught up front.

Another major factor is the warranty.  While you see cheap headrest packages include a long 1 year warranty you need to really understand why to better understand what they are offering.  The 1 year warranty typically requires you to send the item back to a Chinese warehouse for repair.  This means it will cost you $70 or more in shipping alone.  Once you get this shocking surprise, many customers give up and don’t ship the item back to the China seller.  The shipping also can take 2 – 4 weeks to get to them and another 2 – 4 weeks to get back to you.  It’s this long distance, high return cost as why China sellers offer a 1 year warranty.  They know very few people will actually ship it back even if it is defective.

In addition to the long time and high cost to ship a defective headrest back to the China factory, you will also wait for them to repair your headrest and send the same “Repaired” headrest back to you.  At OnFair, we believe that a repaired headrest has a higher chance of being defective a second time so we always send the customer a brand new tested headrest if they happen to get a defective and need it replaced.  Also the cost to ship the headrest back to OnFair is typically $10-12 rather than the $70 to ship back to China as well as taking far less time to get there.  Make sure you are comparing apples to apples when comparing warranty coverage.

One last area many cheap headrest DVD player packages cut corners is by offering only 1 remote control or 1 game controller.  While it only saves a couple bucks for the seller it can be a big inconvenience to the customer if they have 2 kids both wanting to play a game or change their headrest setting at the same time.

We know you might be overwhelmed when it comes to picking the right car headrest DVD player for your vehicle.  You can visit the OnFair website and shop with confidence that we have already done the hard work and narrowed down the list to the best headrest DVD packages available and offer the most comprehensive service and support for families looking to enjoy their next family drive.

Happy Driving!

Brandon is the President and CEO of www.OnFair.com the leading online authority for car headrest DVD players and car headrest video monitors with brands such as AutotainEononTviewSavvBaton and more. His focus on the headrest entertainment market is unmatched demonstrated by his long focused history and amazing volume of Youtube video views specifically crafted for car headrest DVD players.