Customer Review for Hyundai Santa Fe Headrest DVD Player Install

Item ordered: Autotain 9″ Headrests

Vehicle make/model: Hyundai Santa Fe
Vehicle year: 2012
Vehicle interior color: Beige
Post distance center to center: 5″
Post size used (10mm, 12mm or 14mm): 10mm (no post adapter needed)
First name and city/state: Eric from Concord, VA

Additional comments:

Just installed these today! Took most of the day mainly because I wanted to hide all the wires and I have never done anything like this before. “Tan” is just a bit darker than my Beige interior, but only noticeable if you look too hard. The video tutorial is limited to showing you only one headrest, so I was unsure how to make two work…but after hours of reading around the internet I felt comfortable and ended up hard wiring both headrests to the fuse box using the “add a fuse” tap, running my own 18awg wire from the fuse box to the seats for power…soldering the “power” wires together and hiding everything beneath the driver seat. As well as soldering the ground wires with 18awg wire to the car chassis for grounding. After a long days work, I have a factory look install…no visible wires! Everything works great and looks even better. The screens do have a good amount of glare, so maybe an anti-glare cover like they use for iPads etc. would help. Also the Monitors do not remember picture settings (brightness,contrast etc) once the car is off. Perhaps running on a hot fuse would fix this, but I only wanted these units on/off when I turn the ignition so I will never drain my battery. Overall I’m extremely pleased with the outcome, these headrest’s look better in person and shipping was fast!