Does Your Car Have Removable Headrests?

front seat

not compatible

One of the first questions you’ll need to answer to determine if your car is compatible with car headrest DVD monitors is to see if your car headrest pillows are removable?

Some vehicle car seats are one entire piece where the headrest part of the seat is together with the rest of the seat.  Unfortunately vehicles with this type of seat will not be compatible with the very popular car headrest DVD monitors that are built into a headrest pillow.   This type of seat is less common today where most car seat headrests are a separate piece connected to the rest of the seat with 2 metal posts.

If your vehicle has the all in one seats, you have two options available.  Option 1 is to visit a professional car audio/video installation shop where they can cut a square hole in your existing seat back and insert a built-in headrest monitor into the seat cushion.  This was a common method for installing car headrest DVD monitors before the introduction of the headrest pillows where the electronics are already inside.  Option 2 is to see if your vehicle may be compatible for an overhead flip down monitor with a built in DVD player that you can attach to your vehicle roof.

Watch for additional posts on the next step in determining headrest DVD player compatibility with your vehicle.

Here’s to your quiet family drives!