Does Your Vehicle Have Active Headrest Restraint?

Here is step 3 in determining the best car headrest DVD players for your vehicle and family.  If you are joining us here, please be sure to review steps 1 and 2 as well.

Active headrest restraint is a fairly new technology designed to help reduce the possibility of whiplash during car accidents.  In simple terms, it is designed to move the headrest up and forward slightly during a car accident to move closer to the driver’s head reducing the space and movement during the accident.  This technology was first introduce in luxury vehicles as a premium feature but we are seeing this feature being introduced into more vehicles as a standard feature.  We recommend if you are wishing to install headrest DVD players into a luxury or newer vehicle to first check to see if you have Active Headrest Restraint in your existing headrests.  If you do, it will significantly reduce the selection available for your vehicle.  But the good news, it’s not a deal breaker.

You can determine if your vehicle has Active Headrest Restraint two simple ways.   One way is to review your vehicle’s owner’s manual in the safety section where it may tell you about the headrests and if they have AHR technology.  Another way to check is to carefully pull your headrests up and out of the seat usually by releasing the latch that holds the headrest and pulling up on the headrest pillow.  As you pull the headrest up, if there is an electrical wire running down the post and into the seat, there is a good chance your vehicle is equipped with Active Headrest Restraint.

If you determine your vehicle does not have Active Headrest Restraint, you can move to the next step without this issue reducing your selection.

If you determine your vehicle does have Active Headrest Restraint, you will want to notate this and reduce your selection to headrests that are compatible with Active Headrest Restraint.  We are seeing more headrest DVD player packages coming out designed to be compatible with AHR.  One package that is very exciting is the OnFair HR9P portable headrest DVD player package.  It is designed to clamp onto your existing headrest posts so not to interfere with the Active Headrest Restraint technology while also offering tremendous back seat entertainment for the kids.   We also like this model because it has the most advanced features with a digital touch screen monitor and the very new 64 bit video games.  While it functions as a nice headrest DVD player, it also functions nicely as a portable DVD player with the built-in battery.

Here is a short video offering more information about Active Headrest Restraint:

We bet you can’t wait to have peaceful drives with the family once again?  Car headrest DVD monitors are a perfect solution!