Headrest DVD Cover or No Zipper Cover?

When deciding the best headrest DVD monitor package customers typically ask if they should get the headrest with the zipper cover or without the zipper cover.  You may have noticed that many online retailers sell only the zipper cover model offering customers less choice while this would make you believe that it is the more popular option available you’ll be shocked to find out that’s not the case.

The zipper cover feature obviously provides one major benefit it hides the monitor from view from outside the vehicle when not in use.  This can be handy if you fear theft of your headrests when viewed from the outside of the vehicle.  The zipper cover can also offer a more authentic look within your vehicle.

However the zipper cover can also become an obstacle for young kids gaining access to the DVD players.  We’ve heard from many parents that the zipper cover is hard to zip up and down carefully for young children therefore the parents are required to zip and unzip the cover before and after use.  For some parents this is an inconvenience.  Also with the zipper it is one more moving part that has the possibility of breaking if not used properly so something else to consider if you have young children in the back seat.

Additionally the zipper cover does not detach completely from the headrest so while all open it will hang down in your view.  Some parents have given feedback that this is not that attractive.

The choice is yours zipper cover or no zipper cover!  We have learned over time that the zipper cover and the non-zippered cover models are equally attractive (50/50) when given a choice.  We believe customers should have the choice.

Here is a video to demonstrate the difference between the two options:

Remember happy kids =  happy drives!