Headrest DVD Player Coupons

You’re looking to add backseat car entertainment  for your kids and you’re also looking for the best deal for your buck so we’re here to help you out!

When OnFair first started selling car headrest DVD players over 8 years ago there were very few other companies offering similar headrest packages as us.  You could say we pioneered the car headrest DVD player market for many years as we designed, developed and brought to market the most innovative packages on the market.  However in 2010 things started to change as the market saw new China companies attempt to copy our packages and sell similar looking headrest packages but at a cheaper cost.  Some customers were fooled into believing they were getting a better deal at the lower price while others quickly realized they’re getting far less for paying a little less. They found the cheaper headrest packages included less accessories, they use less quality parts inside and usually run older software as well.  The big bonus, is to ship a defective China headrest back to China will cost the customer almost as much as they originally paid to buy the headrest in the first place.

We know you’re looking for the best package that will last a long while and OnFair is focused on this mission of the best quality product and a complete package not taking shortcuts or saving pennies to charge you dollars.  We don’t cut corners, we don’t offer used products saying they’re new and we don’t keep critical accessories excluded to only charge a high price for you to add them later.  We’re convinced that OnFair headrest DVD packages are the best value for your buck and thank our long list of happy customers as confirmation!  We’re not the “cheapest” and we don’t try to be because we know you don’t want “cheap”.

To help you save a few bucks on the best quality car headrest DVD players on the market, here are some online coupons from OnFair.

Coupon code to save $12.00 on the Autotain DESIRE headrest DVD player:  IDesireAutotain

Coupon code to save $9.25 on the Autotain DREAM headrest DVD player: DrivingADream

Coupon code to save $7.50 on the Autotain L or Autotain H headrest DVD players: AutotainValue

Military Vets – We have a very special coupon code for you as our way of saying thanks for your service.  We can’t post the code here as we wish to verify your service due to the size of the discount.  Please email us at wecare@onfair.com to inquire on the code.

May your family drives be enjoyable and thank you for your business!