Headrest DVD Player Wireless Headphones Dual Channel

The question you should be asking when searching for car headrest DVD players when it comes to the wireless headphones is if the headrests and the headphones are single channel or dual channel.  Some packages may be deceiving when they offer two headrests and two headphones, however to save costs they offer single channel audio for both the headrest and the headphones.  While this strategy is a good way to line the seller’s pockets with extra profit it is not a good way to make customers happy once they realize they purchased an inferior product.

First off, the people at OnFair are fully aware of this strategy and never cut corners like this to make a buck.  Every headrest and every wireless headphone is equipped with the dual channel technology.

Here is a link where you can find Dual channel headphones.

Now let’s explain the difference and why you want to get dual channel headrests and dual channel wireless headphones.  Dual channel means just as it sounds, it is the ability to send and receive 2 audio channels from the headrest to the headphone.  Because the audio is being sent in stereo each channel is actually sending 2 frequencies of sound, one for the left side and one for the right side for a total of 4 frequency channels all together.  But this is more technical than we need to get.  As long as you are buying headrest players and headphones with dual channel technology you are then able to watch two different movies at the same time in the back seat without interference of the signal from one to the other.

If you accidentally purchased headrests thinking you were getting a better deal because of a lower price and find yourself with single channel headrests or single channel headphones, you will notice if you play a different movie on the left and right side you will hear both audios at the same time unfortunately.

We hope this information is helpful in selecting the correct car headrest DVD player package offering the best enjoyment for your family.

Happy Drives!