Headrest DVD Players with Blu Ray Player

We’re starting to get asked more and more for headrest DVD players that will allow you to play Blu Ray DVD’s so thought it was time to write a blog post about it.

At this time there are no headrest DVD player models that include the ability to play BluRay DVD’s.  I can see the desire as Blu Ray becomes more popular  but this doesn’t appear to be a feature being added anytime soon to be honest. We have deep relationships with all the major headrest DVD player factories and this feature is not on the horizon as a new feature anytime soon.

While researching for possible Blu Ray DVD player headrests the only remotely possible option I found was with a Sony portable Blu-Ray DVD player and adding the stretchy headrest mount to hold the portable player to the headrest pillow.  In my opinion this looks very cheap but if having Blu-Ray in the backseat is a requirement, it might be your only option.

The trend that we see happening right here right now that is bigger than the Blu Ray trend is the inclusion of the Android operating system with headrests.  We see this as one of the bigger trends for 2014 as we add more models with this option.  We also have a very new and very exciting model we hope to announce very soon that will blow your mind when it comes to  having backseat entertainment for your kids.  Stay tuned!

Happy drives!