How to Measure your Car Headrest Posts?

The 2nd step in determining headrest monitor fit is to measure the posts for your existing headrests to determine the distance between the posts as well as the diameter of the posts.

Because the posts are different distances apart for each vehicle, the posts for most universal headrest monitor packages  will adjust between 4″ to 8″ in distance center to center to allow fit on a wide variety of vehicles.  However it is very important to measure the posts in your vehicle before ordering because some vehicles will have posts that are closer together than 4″ and farther apart than 8″.  Also, it is important to remember the distance in your vehicle because some headrests packages will not go to 4″ or 8″ and you may need to narrow down your selection based on packages where the post distance will be compatible with your vehicle.

Here is a short video to help explain how to measure the posts in your vehicle:

Once you have your post distance measured it’s time to measure the diameter of the posts.  Basically, this is the distance of the post from side to side.  Most headrest packages note the post diameter in MM so here is a cheat sheet to help you convert from MM to Inches.

10mm = 0.39 inch (slightly over 5/16″)
12mm = 0.47 inch (slightly over 7/16″)
14mm = 0.55 inch (slightly under 9/16″)

Most headrest packages include posts or adapters for 10mm and 12mm.  We also notice that most of the packages from OnFair include the 14mm posts in their packages for no additional charge.  If you find yourself needing 14mm posts, this is a nice bonus not having to buy them individually for $15 from other retailers after the fact.

While 10mm and 12mm is fairly close together there are times when posts fall between this distance and there is not a snug fit initially.  We’ve learned that when this happens people will use electrical tape (or similar tape) around the posts to offer a more snug fit.  The tape will be hidden inside the seats and not visibly after installation.

We hope this helps with your journey in finding the best car headrest DVD monitors.  Once you are complete with this step, you can move to the next step.  We will be posting it soon.

We see peaceful family drives in your future!