How to Power Your Car Headrest DVD Players

One of the more common questions we receive is how to power the car headrests.  This is a good question and can sometimes be the most difficult part of the installation process for the novice installer.  While the fear factor may be high regarding getting power to the headrests, the reality is this is not as difficult as it may seem.

First off, many of the OnFair headrest packages with the OnFair and Autotain brand name include 2 power options for your convenience.  Option one is the power the headrests to the vehicle fuse box while option two is the use the included cigarette lighter power cables.  We note that many imitation online merchants selling xtrons or eonon headrest monitors do not include the cigarette lighter power cables as a cost savings to them while also selling these as “upgrades” for an additional $13-$18 each cable.  Don’t be fooled.  If it’s too late and you already purchased the model without cigarette lighter power cables, here is a link to the lowest cost headrest cigarette lighter power cables available.

If you decide to power using the cigarette lighter power plug, please keep in mind that both headrests will require their own cigarette lighter power cable so you will need two cables.  If your vehicle only has one available cigarette lighter socket you will want to also get yourself a cigarette lighter power socket splitter sold for a low cost at OnFair.

If you are interested in installing your car headrest monitors to the vehicle fuse box, here is a helpful video on how to use the Add-A-Fuse application.

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