Is Eonon Car Headrest DVD Player Monitors A Good Buy?

Compared to other brands such as OnFair and Autotain, Eonon is a relatively new brand on the market for car headrest DVD players.  Eonon is better known for their in dash DVD players and flip down monitors.  As companies such as OnFair grew and grew to a large size being focused on car headrest DVD monitors companies such as Eonon decided to enter the market.

Eonon entered the headrest DVD player market by copying companies such as OnFair to offer similar headrest packages with dual headrest players, DVD players and wireless headphones and because selling merchandise online is a price competitive space they focus their efforts on offering the lowest price possible.  To do this you may notice things missing in the package compared to models offered by OnFair and Autotain such as cigarette lighter power cables and metal post adapter sleeves for different post sizes.  By offering less in the package they can offer what appears to be a similar model for a lower cost.  However, sometimes these missing accessories can be important.

If you’re looking for the lowest possible price and a no-frills package with less accessories and saving a buck is your primary concern we have the solution.  Eonon headrests are offered for sale on websites such as eBay primarily but if you are located in the USA, Canada or Australia you can also purchase Eonon headrest DVD players directly from OnFair.  Why is this the best deal you ask?  Because if you purchase from OnFair directly you will not be charged the extra costs that is required to pay eBay commonly referred to as Final Value Fees (FVF).  For example:

Eonon C1035 headrest package on eBay: $279.99 + free shipping = $279.99

Eonon C1035 headrest package on OnFair: $229.99 + $14.50 (estimated shipping) = $244.49

That’s a $35.50 savings for the exact same item! 

If you’re focused on getting the lowest price, focus on buying Eonon at