Is Xtrons Car Headrest DVD Player Monitors a Good Buy?

If you’re shopping for car headrest DVD monitors you’ve probably noticed there are many online sellers offering what appears to be the same headrest package but why the different prices?

They look the same.  Is the lowest price the best deal? 

Not always!  Xtrons is a China based eBay seller who entered the headrest DVD player market after watching companies such as OnFair grow to a large size and success being focused on selling car headrest DVD monitors.  Xtrons began selling headrest monitors on eBay in a deceiving way by adding a USA flag onto their logo in an attempt to fool buyers that the item ships from the USA.  That is simply not the case.  Xtrons ships their orders from a Hong Kong based warehouse using Fedex or DHL air services.  Most of the time these shipments can travel to the destination without a hitch but occasionally the USA customs may hold the item for further inspection.  We call this the customs hold risk.

When you do receive the goods you may also notice the shipping invoice to have a lower price for the item than you paid for it.  This is an ancient Chinese secret to attempt to avoid customs fees for the buyer once the item is received.  Sometimes this works, sometimes it doesn’t.  Sometimes the Customs official may re-price the item to what they feel is the market value.  This can be easily done by viewing the eBay item # on the invoice and looking on eBay.  We call this customs tax avoidance risk.

Then you have the package contents.  Xtrons is a price competitive seller on eBay so the only way they can offer what appears to be the same thing for a lower price is to cut corners.  You will notice less accessories in the box compared to local brands.  You will also notice they sell these same accessories for $15-$20 each so the accessories are available, they just want you to pay more for these accessories.  We call this smaller package content risk.

Some China sellers also try to emphasize their 12 month warranty for any defects but when you read the fine print you may be surprised.  The warranty is actually 15 days for any defect replacement and 12 months for repair services if you ship the item back to their Hong Kong based warehouse.  That’s right, it will cost you $70 or more to ship the defective item back to their Hong Kong based warehouse for any warranty services.  This fact alone is a big barrier in their warranty offer that many customers don’t send the item back even if it is defective.  While domestic sellers based in the USA may cost $12-$14 to ship an item back to a USA based warehouse, it’s much better than paying $70 or more. We call this warranty warehouse location risk.

Given the information above, we hope you can answer this question intelligently now, is the lowest price the best deal?  While prices should be compared, don’t forget to compare everything else that comes along with the entire package during the shopping process.

Happy Driving!