Top 3 Trends for Car Headrest DVD Players in 2014

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I’ve just returned from the 2014 CES conference and talked with many OEM factories that make car headrest DVD players and thought it would be a great idea to give you some insight on what I see as the top trends for Headrest DVD players in 2014.

The first trend is Active Headrest technology. While this isn’t a new trend it’s gaining traction and I’d consider
it a big trend for 2014. Active Headrest technology is a relatively new technology where your car headrests will
adjust during a collision to move forward and reduce the distance your head will move back in an accident reducing the
possibility of whiplash. It came out as an upgrade feature in luxury vehicles many years ago and is now being added to
more and more models each year.

We have a detailed video here that explains Active Headrest technology in more detail if you’re interested.

It’s our recommendation that you double check your vehicle to see if it does or does not have the Active Headrest
technology before you decide on what headrest DVD model you wish to order. One simple way to check if your car
headrest has active headrest technology is to pull up the headrest and see if there’s a cable attached to the post.
If there’s a cable it is most likely the power and control cable for active headrests. If you don’t have a cable
attached to the headrest post another way is to review the safety features of your vehicle in the owner’s manual or
ask your local car dealership.

If your vehicle does have Active Headrest technology, it doesn’t mean you can’t order headrest DVD players from OnFair, but it will narrow down the selection. While some people still remove their factory headrest and install pillow type
headrest DVD players, we don’t recommend this approach. If your vehicle has Active Headrest technology look for the
clamp on DVD systems that will clamp onto the existing headrest posts and not interfere with the headrest movement
during an accident. The product options available for cars with Active Headrests has grown and we see some very nice
models out there like the Autotain DESIRE model topping our list.

The second trend in headrest DVD players is the change in operating system as more models are coming with the Android Operating system installed. This adds a multitude of many new features you couldn’t get from your car headrests monitors until now such as WIFI connectivity, 3G/4G connectivity (with a dongle) and the unlimited potential with all the APPS you can download on the Google Play Store. Another feature I believe parents will like is the ability to better incorporate their children doing their school homework on an Android based car headrest monitor system. I know my kids are both connected with Google Documents at their school and with an Android based headrest system they are able to login to their Google Documents account and pull up homework assignments right there.

With the shift to an Android system, there will also be a shift from DVD based movie play into more and more families
using digital based movies to play on their headrest entertainment systems. Some movies may be downloaded or streamed on services such as Netflix while others may be converted and stored on a mobile hard drive such as a micro SD card or USB drive. We see this as an emerging trend that will gain momentum in 2014 but will not peak this year as most families still enjoy watching their movies on a DVD format for now.

The third trend we see taking shape in 2014 is the ability to connect your smart phone screen to your headrest video monitor screen. Sometimes this is done using an HDMI input cable and sometimes this can be done with new wireless technology such as Miracast. Because this is a relatively new technology for car headrests you’ll see this as a new feature on new models and maybe take a couple iterations before they perfect it.

One problem I see with playing games on your smart phone to watch on your headrest is the location of your fingers while playing a game. I’d tend to believe you will want to watch your fingers on your phone when playing the game so you really won’t look at the headrest screen if you’re playing a game. However, connecting up and watching a movie you are streaming or downloaded to your phone may be a great use for connecting your smart phone.

We are entering some exciting times as new headrest DVD player models hit the market. I enjoy keeping my finger on the pulse and finding the latest and greatest headrest models on the market to offer at We’re adding many new models right now and we have more coming down the pipe line very soon. Stay tuned and check back often.

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