Using FM Transmit Function on Car Headrest Monitors

One of the many neat features with car headrest monitors are the audio options available with most packages.  Many car headrest DVD monitor packages include 3 to 4 audio options giving you great flexibility in how you watched or in this case listen to your DVD movies.

One feature that is very handy is the FM frequency transmitter feature.  What this does is transmit the audio signal from the headrest to the vehicle speakers wirelessly.  That’s right you do not have to connect any wires from the headrest to the car stereo making this a very convenient and easy to use feature.

For many of the headrest packages you can turn on the FM frequency using the FM-TX button on the remote control.  This button will open a menu where you then select the FM frequency you would like to have the audio transmitted over.  This allows you to dial the frequency to a location on the radio where there are no local radio stations transmitting as well.  This will help offer you a clearer signal.  To select the frequency use the up and down buttons and select button once you found the frequency you like.

To send the wireless signal to the vehicle speakers, the headrests use a green wire which looks like an antenna wire.  When installing the headrests all you do is run this wire down the inside of the seats and do not connect it to anything and it will send a stronger signal.

Here’s a short video to explain more

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