Video Game Systems with Car Headrest DVD Players

The main purpose for buying car headrest DVD monitors is to entertain your kids during those long drives.  Entertainment can come by watching a DVD movie or by playing video games with most headrest packages.  However, some children are stuck on playing their existing video game systems so we often get asked if external video game systems can be attached to the headrest DVD monitors.  The short answer is yes.

Because each headrest DVD monitor comes with RCA cables used for the audio and video input, you can use these cables to connect to an external video game system.  There are three cables a yellow a white and a red much like you’d see with a VCR.

Please note that most headrest DVD packages come with a single RCA video and audio input.  The Autotain 9 inch headrests come with an additional feature of allowing up to three audio and video inputs.  If you are stuck with only one input you’ll have to choose between connecting to the video game system or connecting to the other DVD headrest.  With the Autotain System having three audio and video inputs you can now connect both the headrest DVD monitor, the video game system and if you wish a head unit in the front of the car if you have one.

Here is a short video to explain more:

Don’t forget that headrest monitors are a great gift of before the long drives this holiday season