WATCH OUT! Don’t be Fooled into Buying a Single DVD Player Package

We’ve noticed increased activity from sellers attempting to fool buyers by selling a pair of car headrest DVD monitors that look like they have 2 DVD players but only have 1 DVD player while the other headrest is a monitor only.  While this configuration is functional, we’ve learned from our customers that when there is more than one child in the back seat watching the same DVD ALWAYS is not their first choice.

Kids like to watch different things or one may wish to play a video game while the other is watching a movie.  So when you are shopping for car DVD headrest monitors and you see a package for a low low low price compared to “Similar looking” packages ask yourself what is missing?  Removing 1 DVD player from the package, removing headphones, no cigarette lighter power cables, and no extra hardware for installing are the things they remove to make their packages cheaper than the competition and hard to notice by the busy buyer.  Buying the cheapest is not always your best answer.

We know at OnFair, all of their DVD headrest packages with dual headrests include 2 DVD players to be “Family Friendly”.

Happy Drives!