Watching 2 DVD’s at the Same Time on Headrests

For families with two or more kids it is commonly asked if they are able to watch a different DVD on each headrest at the same time.  If you have two or more kids you can understand how this is an important question.  If you are buying your headrest DVD monitors from OnFair the easy answer is yes.  This is because each headrest monitor comes with a built-in DVD player inside.

Buyer beware!  This is not always the case when you buy from someone else because many retailers like to sneak in a deal by offering a package with one DVD player and one headrest with only a monitor.  This way they can offer a lower price and fool the buyer into believing they’re getting a better deal.  At OnFair they don’t play this game.  Every headrest DVD monitor comes with a built-in DVD player.

Another feature that’s very important to make this possible is the audio signal.  Some DVD players and some headphones are single channel.  This means the audio coming from the left side will overlap with the audio coming from the right side making it very difficult to hear a different signal.  The headrest packages from OnFair always come with dual channel audio signals from the headrest and the headphones.  This allows for one headrest to be on channel A while the other headrest be on channel B allowing for two audio signals in the back seat at the same time without interference.  I guess you could say OnFair headrest DVD packages are “Family Friendly”

For more information here is a short video:

HINT: The back seat always gets quiet once they put on their wireless headphones!