Watching the Same DVD Movie on Both Headrest Monitors

Most of the time parents like to buy car headrest DVD monitors so they can entertain their kids in the back seat.  For families with two or more kids we often get asked if they can watch the same DVD on both units at the same time.  When you buy your DVD headrests from OnFair the answer is usually yes.  Because there’s a wide variety of headrest packages available, we can only tell you how it works for headrests purchased from OnFair.

For most of the headrest packages from OnFair where a pair of headrest DVD monitors are sold as a package, they include RCA cables that are used for input and output signals for the audio and video.  The most common installation setup is to connect to the output from one headrest to the input of the other and reverse that by connecting the output of the second DVD player to the input of the first much like the full loop.  When installing it this way you can then watch the DVD player on either unit as the master being watched on the other unit as a slave.

To watch the DVD signal on the second unit with the remote control you’ll pick the AV signal as the signal input only on the second unit.  This button is typically near the bottom left of the remote control.  We hope this information helps.

For more details here is a short video:

Here’s to your quiet drives!