Welcome to Headrest DVD Buyer’s Guide – Our Mission

We wish to welcome you to our new portal focused on helping parents select the best solution for car headrest DVD players for your kids and your vehicle.  We’ve been helping parents select the best headrest monitors for years and know there are many options available making the decision difficult.  While many headrest packages may appear similar there can be major differences in the software, the accessories, the installation process and the components inside.  Buying the lowest priced package may not always offer you the best deal.

Car headrest DVD monitors have quickly become a popular choice for parents wishing to entertain their children during long drives or sometimes even the short drives.  Parents know that children quickly get restless while sitting in the back seat and this restlessness can cause frustration for both the children and sometimes the parents making the 2 hour drive to grandma’s house or the family vacation seem like 10 hours.  With car headrest DVD players, your kids will be easily entertained watching the latest movie or blasting the enemy away playing video games.  Either way, the time will go by quickly and the drive will be more enjoyable for both the children and the parents.  Car headrest DVD players are ultimately the best gift for the entire family.

With our extensive experience selling car headrest DVD players at OnFair we know the process of deciding which car headrest monitor to purchase can be a challenging task.  We know you have many questions such as will it fit, how hard are they to install, what features are important, what games are included, how do you power them and more.  At www.Headrest-DVD.com we will attempt to answer these questions and provide comfort in your decision on what headrest monitor model to purchase and where to purchase it.

Here’s to your quiet family drives once again!